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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

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PC 875 Counselor Education and Supervision in the Franciscan Tradition

3 Credits

This course orients students to the profession of counselor education. Specific topics addressed include: (1) history and organization of the profession, (2) program accreditation standards and practices, (3) instructional theory and methods relevant to counselor education, and (4) ethical and legal considerations in counselor education. This course will also explore the development of leadership skills rooted in the Franciscan perspective of the value and dignity of the human person.

CACREP Standards: Section II
C. Learning experiences beyond the entry level are required in all of the following content areas:
3. Instructional theory and methods relevant to counselor education.

1. Understands theories and skills of leadership.
2. Understands advocacy models.
3. Identifies current multicultural issues as they relate to social change theories.
4. Understands models, leadership roles, and strategies for responding to
community, national, and international crises and disasters.
5. Understands current topical and political issues in counseling and how those issues affect the daily work of counselors and the counseling profession.

C. Knowledge
1. Understands the major roles, responsibilities, and activities of counselor educators.
2. Knows instructional theory and methods relevant to counselor education.
3. Understands ethical, legal, and multicultural issues associated with counselor education preparation training.

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