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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

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PC 910 Dissertation I

3 Credits

The student moves through the five chapter dissertation research with thoroughness and ongoing progress supported by a dissertation committee composed of three members [roles delineated below]. In this segment of the dissertation sequence, the student completes the writing of and approval for Chapters 1, 2, and 3 which include the Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology. At the completion of these chapters and with the approval of the dissertation committee and the director, the student defends the dissertation proposal.

Roles of Dissertation Committee

The dissertation committee is composed of three members whose responsibilities typically are as defined:
A Chair – who will direct the entire process from initial exploration and submission of IRB proposal to defense of the completed dissertation.

An Associate Chair – who will either 1) oversee the research component of the dissertation and statistical analysis of the data or 2) will read for content, clarity and adherence to APA standards;

A Third Member – who will oversee the alternative area to the Associate Chair.

The roles of the Associate Chair and Third Member will be determined by the Chair in conjunction with the student.

Relevant CACREP standards

Consistent with institutional standards, each student establishes an approved doctoral
committee and completes a planned program of study in conjunction with this
Students attend planned meetings with their doctoral committee during their doctoral
programs (Section I, Learning Environment, E,F);
Contribute to and promote scholarly counseling research (Section II, Professional Identity, B,4);
Design, implementation, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative research.
Models and methods of assessment and use of data. (Section II, Professional Identity, Knowledge, C, 5-6);
1. Demonstrates the ability to formulate research questions appropriate for professional research and publication.
2. Demonstrates the ability to create research designs appropriate to quantitative and
qualitative research questions.
3. Demonstrates professional writing skills necessary for journal and newsletter publication.
4. Demonstrates the ability to develop and submit a program proposal for presentation at state, regional, or national counseling conferences.
(Section IV: Doctoral Learning Outcomes, Research and Scholarship, F, Skills/Practices, 1-4).

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