Oct 26, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

English, B.A.

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Adaptability, imagination, and the power to communicate are three qualities essential for success in today’s challenging and rapidly changing society. These three qualities, developed by the English major through the study of language and literature, instill both breadth and flexibility in thinking and attitude. Such study also encourages the development of clear and persuasive communication, analytical skill, cultural and historical insight, and creativity.

Neumann University’s English major provides opportunities for students to apply their coursework through participating in diverse activities including campus publications, theater productions, tutoring programs, service learning, student teaching, and internships. Students are prepared to pursue graduate study in literature, composition studies, or law. Students also learn writing and communication skills that enable them to explore career fields in education, publishing, research, business, government, entertainment, and public relations. Those who are not seeking Secondary Education Certification in English have the option of a minor in Writing, Journalism, or some other field of interest.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and will be able to:

  • Compose focused and organized examples of writing, in clear, effective, and correct style.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of literature from a broad range of historical and cultural contexts, and analyze and interpret texts from a variety of aesthetic/theoretical approaches.
  • Synthesize relevant literary criticism with original interpretation of the text(s) to support a sophisticated thesis, using appropriate literary terminology.
  • Demonstrate competence in language and literature through experiential learning opportunities, professional activities, and career development.
  • Reflect on the power of literature to enrich human life, individually and socially, integrating Franciscan/ Christian perspectives as appropriate.

Progression Criteria/Degree Requirements

In order to remain in the major, a student must not earn a grade less than C in any major course more than two times. For example, a student earns less than C in two major courses. The student retakes each course and earns a C or above. If the same student earns less than C in a third major course, she/he may be counseled out of the major.

Admission Criteria From Another Major

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 and meet with their academic advisor.

Special Programs

Long regarded as an ideal preparation for the study of law, the English major at Neumann University participates in the Widener School of Law 3+3 Early Admission Program. For information about this program, please click here:  Pre-Law courses  

Career preparation is also provided by Neumann’s combined English/Secondary Education program, which offers both a full major in English and thorough training in Education, all leading to certification for the teaching of English at the secondary school level.

Course Requirements

Advanced Writing Courses

The following writing courses may be taken at an Advanced Level (300 level) by students who have successfully completed the course at the 200 level and have the permission of the instructor. The Advanced course may be taken concurrently with the 200 level course or as an independent study. These credits may count towards a Minor in writing.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum: 122 Credits (125 credits if Lang 101 is needed)

INT 101 1 Credit ENG 102 3 Credits
ENG 101 3 Credits Literature Core*/Elective 3 Credits
Social Science Core 3 Credits Fine Arts Core 3 Credits
Foreing Lang Core or 101 3 Credits  General Elective/Minor Course 3 Credits
THEO 104 3 Credits Foreign Lang Core or General Elective 3 Credits
Math Core 3 Credits  

Sophomore Fall (15 Credits)

Sophomore Spring (16 Credits)

ENG 230 (Core)* or ENG Writing Elective 3 Credits ENG 204 (Core)* or ENG Writing Elective 3 Credits
History Core 3 Credits ENG 300 3 Credits
PHIL 102 3 Credits HUM 200 3 Credits
General Elective or Minor Elective 6 Credits Science Core 4 Credits
  General Elective/Minor Course 3 Credits

Junior Fall (15 Credits)

Junior Spring (15 Credits)

ENG 375 or ENG 365 or ENG 420 3 Credits ENG Elective (Modern/Multicultural) 3 Credits
ENG 320 or ENG 360 3 Credits ENG 380 3 Credits
ENG 310 3 Credits Upper THEO or Upper PHIL 3 Credits
Upper PHIL or Upper THEO 3 Credits General Elective/Minor Course 3 Credits
General Elective or Minor Course 3 Credits A&S 495 3 Credits

Senior Fall (15 Credits)

Senior Spring (15 Credits)

ENG 365 or ENG 420 or ENG 375 3 Credits ENG Elective (300 or 400 Level) 3 Credits
ENG 360 or ENG 320 3 Credits ENG Elective (300 or 400 Level) 3 Credits
ENG 405 3 Credits ENG 400 3 Credits
HUM 460 3 Credits General Elective/Minor Course 6 Credits
General Elective or Minor Course 3 Credits  


 54 major credits, (3 of which also fulfill Core Lit), 38 other Core, 30 Gen. Electives

 * Since the requirement ENG 230/204 also satisfies  CORE, English majors are encouraged to take any 200-level literature course during Freshman spring, as these count as electives in the English major.  A 100-level literature course does not count toward the major and would only be a General Elective. Majors are encouraged to take additional electives in English (or a minor) vs. isolated general electives esp. if considering graduate school.


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