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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Educational Studies, B.A.

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Educational Studies is a non-certification option for students who wish to pursue work in fields related to education and child development. Features of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Studies include an 18-credit special education minor with the opportunity to obtain an additional minor in any area of the student’s choice and internships in a variety of educational settings. 

Career options include work for programs that prefer candidates with education degrees, but do not require state certification, such as Head Start or private preschools, and positions in education-related agencies, children’s hospitals, child welfare agencies, non-profit child advocacy organizations, zoos/aquariums, children’s museums, and other children’s educational programs. The degree would also support employment as a child life specialist, education-based paraprofessional, educational lobbyist, curriculum writer, educational sales representative and further studies in educational research, policy, and more.

Program Outcomes

The following program outcomes are used to evaluate the success of the program and its students. 

1. Planning and Preparation:  Students demonstrate thorough knowledge of content and pedagogical skills in planning and preparation. Students make, plan, and set goals based on the content to be delivered to children in instructional, medical, or childcare environments.

2. Positive Environment: Students have the ability to establish and maintain a purposeful and equitable environment in which children feel safe, valued, and respected, by instituting routines and setting clear expectations for the child’s behavior.

3. Professionalism: Students utilize qualities that characterize a professional person and adhere to the standards of integrity, ethical behavior and professional conduct as stated in local state and federal laws and regulations in any learning or childcare environment. 

4. Communication: Students express ideas clearly in written and spoken forms; reason analytically and critically; and demonstrate appropriate use of research as evidenced by classroom presentations and discussions, and academic writing.

Progression in the Educational Studies major leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree requires students to:

  • Achieve a minimum grade of “C” for all major and allied requirements.  Students earning lower than a “C” must retake the course; courses may be retaken one time only.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.

The Education Department has determined that all students are to be assessed according to the following grading scale for all undergraduate Education courses.





(Very Good)






(Above the Average)






(Below the Average)







69.99 or less

Limitation on Transfer Credit

In addition to the institutional requirement of a grade of “C” or better for all transfer courses, and in order to maintain the most current and highest quality of teacher preparation standards, transfer students are to refer to the following guidelines regarding the acceptance of transfer credits into the degree program: 

  • Transfer credits must be from a regionally accredited, degree-granting institution and current within a 10-year period. All stipulated transfer criteria as outlined in the University catalog must be met.
  • Transfer credits earned more than 10 years ago may be accepted as elective credits, based upon a review by the Division Dean, in consultation with the University Registrar.

Field Experience

Throughout their four-year program at Neumann University, students participate in a

clinical field experience sequence which is designed to help them connect theory to practice; enhance their observational, instructional, and analytical skills; and develop their professional ethos. Field experiences expose students to a variety of classroom settings with scaffolded involvement to include: observation, one-on-one interaction, instructional aide responsibilities, designing and delivering lessons in small groups, and full class instruction.

Course content and assignments are linked to field experiences. Students must obtain and submit to the Field Experience Coordinator all security clearances that meet current state-approved teaching requirements. For current security clearance requirements, contact the Field Experience Coordinator.

Course Requirements

Allied Requirements: 12 Credits


† Either course satisfies the HISTORY CORE requirement.

• Satisfies the SOCIAL SCIENCE CORE requirement.

Note that the course description changes listed on the Dual Certification Education major will apply also to the Educational Studies program. 

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum: 120 Credits

Freshman Year: Fall Semester (15 Credits)

Freshman Year: Spring Semester (18 Credits)

ECE 101 3 Credits ECE 204 3 Credits
ENG 101 3 Credits ECE 214 3 Credits
HIST 102 or HIST 103 3 Credits ECE 240 3 Credits
INT 101 1 Credit EDU 125 0 Credits
MATH CORE 3 Credits ENG 102 3 Credits
PSYCH 101 3 Credits MATH CORE 3 Credits
  THEO 104 3 Credits

Sophomore Year: Fall Semester (18 Credits)

Sophomore Year: Spring Semester (17 Credits)

ECE 205 3 Credits EDU 125 0 Credits
ECE 245 3 Credits EDU 230 3 Credits
EDU 125 0 Credits LANGUAGE 102 3 Credits
EDU 215 3 Credits PHIL 102 3 Credits
FINE ARTS CORE 3 Credits ECE 402 4 Credits
LANGUAGE 101 or General Elective 3 Credits   

Junior Year: Fall Semester (15 Credits)

Junior Year: Spring Semester (12 Credits)

EDU 125 0 Credits EDU 125 0 Credits
SPEC 222 3 Credits SPEC 320 3 Credits
SPEC 322 3 Credits SPEC 380 3 Credits
THEO CORE (200 level or above) 3 Credits SPEC 424 3 Credits
General Electives 6 Credits General Elective 3 Credits

Senior Year: Fall Semester (13 Credits)

Senior Year: Spring Semester (12 Credits)

EDU 125 0 Credits EDU 462 2 Credits
EDU 461 1 Credit EDU 498 4 Credits
SPEC 212 3 Credits General Electives 6 Credits
PHIL CORE (200 level or above) 3 Credits  
General Electives 6 Credits  


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