Oct 26, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Accounting, B.S. / Accounting Forensics and Fraud Detection, M.S. (4+1)

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122 Credits Required for B.S. Degree in Accounting

30 Credits Required for M.S. in Accounting with Emphasis on Forensic and Fraud Detection

Refer to Accounting, B.S.  for Learning Outcomes and Progression Critera

Neumann University is proud to offer a five year program which leads to both a B.S. in Accounting and a M.S. in Accounting with an emphasis on Forensics and Fraud Detection.  All undergraduate students pursuing a degree in accounting are guaranteed automatic acceptance into the Master’s Program with a concentration in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection as long as they maintain a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0, can provide two letters of reference as well as a current resume.  

The more complex the business world becomes, the more demand there is for accounting professionals. Since accounting is the language of business, the Accounting major introduces the student to the complexities of business both at the national and international level. At the same time, the Accounting major at Neumann University recognizes that a successful businessperson must be well-rounded and possess the ability to communicate proficiently in both an oral and written context. Hence, as Accounting majors prepare to pursue their chosen careers, they are introduced to a liberal arts curriculum which enables them to compete more effectively in a constantly changing business environment. To assist in this preparation, students supplement their classroom instruction with practical work experience in a variety of settings through the completion of a Cooperative Education placement in Accounting

Accounting majors have many career paths available to them. After graduation, many Accounting majors pursue a professional designation, such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).  With the Five Year BS/MS Program in Accounting Option you will also be allowed to pursue a Master of Science in Accounting with emphasis on Forensics and Fraud Detection.  This Master’s Degree will help enhance your career by building a broader base of knowledge in the area of fraud and forensic accounting. The degree is designed to help students apply techniques in identifying, collecting, and examining evidence, including how to identify financial statement misrepresentation, transaction reconstruction, tax evasion and cyber-crime.

Freshman Year - Spring Semester 15 Credits

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester 15-16 Credits

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester 15-16 Credits

Junior Year - Fall Semester 18 Credits

Junior Year - Spring Semester 18 Credits

Senior Year - Fall Semester - 18 Credits

Senior Year - Spring Semester - 18 Credits

Graduate- Summer 6 Credits

  • ACT 530 White Collar Crime 3 Credits
  • ACT 560 Ethics of Forensic Acconting 3 Credits

Graduate - Fall- 6 Credits

  • ACT 640 Interview Technqiues and Legal Aspects of Fraud 3 Credits
  • ACT 550 Tax Fraud 3 Credits

Graduate - Spring 6 Credits

  • ACT 660 Auditing and Attestation 3 Credits
  • ACT 680 Capstone Seminar 3 Credits

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