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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Philosophy Minor

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The Philosophy Minor can complement just about any major.  All Neumann students complete two philosophy courses as part of their core curriculum.  A student can complete the Philosophy Minor by completing four more Philosophy courses beyond the core requirements and completing a Philosophy Minor capstone paper.

Because philosophy involves attempting to understand the world and our place in it, philosophy has always been a valued part of the Catholic intellectual tradition.  Doing philosophy involves critically thinking about fundamental questions concerning value, meaning, purpose, and the nature of reality.  Neumann University, as a Catholic institution in the Franciscan tradition, offers students the tools of philosophy to help them self-reflect and grow in self-awareness.    

Additionally, the following practical skills are enhanced by the study of philosophy.  Reading basic philosophical texts enhances critical reading skills and contributes to clear writing and effective communication.  Argument analysis helps to develop one’s critical thinking skills.  An understanding of the history of philosophy assists in more clearly understanding the ideas that govern the relationships between contemporary and historical events.  Finally, philosophy helps students understand multiple perspectives, an important skill for a fast-paced work environment that continually gets more technologically connected.

Learning Outcomes for the Philosophy Minor

Upon successful completion of requirements for the Philosophy Minor, students will:

• Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental questions in philosophy.

• Acquire some knowledge of the history of philosophy.

• Demonstrate a refined ability to engage in critical thinking and argument analysis.

• Comprehend basic philosophical texts.

• Achieve increased self-knowledge through self-reflection.

Requirements: 18 Credits

A minimum of 18 credits in Philosophy [PHIL] and a capstone paper to be developed from a Philosophy course, to be completed senior year.  

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