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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Liberal Studies Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program, B.A.

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Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Completion Programs

The Division of Continuing Adult and Professional Studies offers the following accelerated baccalaureate degree completion programs for the adult learner:

Bachelor of Arts

  • Liberal Studies
  • Behavioral Science

Bachelor of Science

  • Liberal Studies
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Professional Studies

The accelerated baccalaureate degree programs in Liberal Studies, Behavioral Science, and Organizational Leadership require that students successfully complete the Liberal Studies Core Curriculum (60 credits), specified 6-credit seminar course requirements that are unique to each discipline, as well as any designated major course requirements and/or General Elective credits. The Professional Studies baccalaureate program option adheres to different admissions criteria, as well as a specified 3-credit seminar course format.

The accelerated baccalaureate degree programs that are described below may not fulfill specific entrance requirements for graduate-level study. Adult learners who intend to pursue a graduate degree should identify, as applicable, an intended graduate school’s specific admissions and/or curricular requirements so that appropriate foundational and/or transfer equivalencies can be determined.

Liberal Studies Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program

The Liberal Studies Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program at Neumann University has been serving adult students in the Delaware Valley since 1974. The program is designed to provide adult learners who may have earned some previous college credits, or who did not attend college after high school, the opportunity to complete the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The uniqueness of this educational opportunity is found in the program’s 6-credit seminar courses, which enable working adult students to attend classes in the evening, online, and/or in a hybrid format. These seminars blend learning approaches, thereby allowing students to learn theoretical material and apply that theory through the development of Experiential Learning Projects (ELPs). Often projects can be developed that are helpful to students at their place of employment or with their personal or career goals. Students may attend classes on either a parttime (1–11 credits) or full-time (12–19 credits) basis. Liberal Studies courses are available in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Program Outcomes

In addition to meeting the Goals and Learning Outcomes of Neumann University’s Core Curriculum, as described in the Core Curriculum Goals and Learning Outcomes section of this catalog and upon completion of all degree requirements, graduates of the Liberal Studies Degree Program will be able to:

  • Utilize writing and oral communication skills developed through written and oral assignments in a variety of disciplines;
  • Apply the body of knowledge learned in a selected area of concentration to work environments and life situations through the development of Experiential Learning Projects;
  • Think critically and creatively about problem solving;
  • View the diversity of cultures and peoples in the world through many perspectives;
  • Contemplate the responsibility for continuing a lifetime of learning.

Admission Criteria

Any student 21 years or older who has either completed high school, or earned a GED, may apply to the Liberal Studies Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program. Application procedures are detailed in the Admissions Information section of this catalog.

Progression Criteria

Students in the Liberal Studies Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to progress through the program.

Special Features

The Liberal Studies Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program offers many additional options for acceleration in addition to the 6-credit seminars. These options include:

  • Portfolio Assessment of prior college-level learning.
  • Challenge Examinations.
  • CLEP Examinations.
  • Credit for course work completed through the Department of Defense/DANTES, or from corporations offering courses which have been evaluated for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Independent Study Projects.
  • Cooperative Education/Internship experiences.

For additional information about any of the above options, please consult the appropriate section of this catalog; or contact the Continuing Adult and Professional Studies Office at 610-558-5529.

Tuition Information

Tuition for all 6-credit seminar courses is calculated on a per-credit basis. For additional information, please consult the Tuition and Expenses section of this catalog.

Degree Requirements

In addition to the University’s general requirements for graduation, the following must be completed:

  • For the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science: A minimum of 120 credits in Liberal Studies with a 2.00 minimum cumulative GPA.

Requirements: 120 Credits

Core Curriculum: 60 Credits*

In preparation for the writing and research requirements of all 6-credit seminars, LSENG 190  and LSLIT 110 , or their equivalent, must be taken prior to registering for any other 6-credit seminar.

Self-Designed Options: 60 Credits*

Students may self-design the remaining 60 credits or select one or more concentrations. Concentrations may only be selected by those students who are pursuing either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.


* Transfer credit in related disciplines and documented prior learning may be evaluated to satisfy either specific course and/or Self-Designed requirements.

Academic Concentrations and Certificate Programs

Academic concentrations are available with either the B.A. or B.S. degrees in Liberal Studies, and consist of five 6-credit seminar courses which total 30 credits. The first of these five courses is an introduction to the specific discipline, and the last is a capstone course which provides current information about the discipline. Three other courses dealing with discipline-specific topics complete the concentration. These academic concentrations may also be taken as Certificate Programs, independent of an actual baccalaureate degree. The curricular requirements for the academic concentrations listed below are presented in their required sequence. All requirements for any academic concentration or Certificate in the Liberal Studies Accelerated Degree Program must be completed with a grade of “C” or better; and a minimum 50% of all required credits must be earned at Neumann University. In addition, the student must also maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 as well as secure the approval of the Dean. For additional information, please refer to the Certificate Programs section of this catalog for admission criteria and to the Course Descriptions  section for prerequisite information.

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