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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Education-School Principal, M.S.

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General Description

For the certified teacher who wants to become a school principal (PK-12). Students seeking the Principal Certificate may use electives to pursue a state-approved endorsement in Autism, Online Instruction, or Instructional Coaching as an added credential.  A six-credit, 365-day internship and successful completion of the state-mandated test are required for the principal certification.  (42 credits)

Overview and Mission

Neumann University’s graduate program leading to the School Principal Certification (PK-12) is consistent with, and driven by, the University’s Mission Statement. Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, in accord with the Pennsylvania Inspired Leaders Competencies, this program qualifies this program qualifies professionals to serve as elementary, middle, and secondary level principals, and as a supervisor of a single instructional or single pupil service area. This program offers the knowledge and skills necessary to direct, operate, supervise, and administer the organizational and general educational activities of a school. A six-credit, 365-day internship and successful completion of the state-mandated test are required for the principal certification (21 credits).

Program Design and Outcomes

Successful graduates of Neumann University’s Master of Science in Education with Principal Certification will be able to meet the Core and Corollary Standards outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for principal preparation.  They are as follows:

Core Standards                                        

  • Knowledge and skills to think and plan strategically creating an organizational vision around personalized student success.
  • An understanding of standards-based systems theory and design and the ability to transfer that knowledge to the leader’s job as an architect of standards based reform in the school.
  • The ability to access and use appropriate data to inform decision-making at all levels of the system.                                                               

Corollary Standards                                         

  • Creating a culture of teaching and learning with an emphasis on learning.
  • Managing resources for effective results.
  • Collaborating, communicating, engaging and empowering others inside and outside the organization to pursue excellence in learning.
  • Operating in a fair and equitable manner with personal and professional integrity.
  • Advocating for children and public education in the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context.
  • Supporting professional growth of self and others through practice and inquiry.

Admission Requirements

Applicants with a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited, degree-granting institution who have successfully completed all prerequisite courses are eligible for entrance to the School Principal Certification (PK-12), subject to the approval of the Program Director.  Acceptance is on a competitive basis after submission of all credentials and an interview with the Program Director.  All applicants must submit the following:

  • A completed Graduate Student Application, in print or online through www.neumann.edu.
  • Proof of a bachelor’s degree in education (required minimum graduate GPA is 3.00) and official transcripts from each regionally accredited, degree granting institution attended
  • Letter of intent that outlines why you wish to pursue the Master of Science in Education degree and Principal Certification.
  • Three names and telephone numbers of professional references.  
  • A copy of current teacher certification.
  • Possess six credits in special education (If students do not have 6 credits in special education prior to the start of the program, the requirement can be met through program coursework.)

Nine credits may be transferred into the program with the approval of the Division Dean.

Once all admission materials have been received and processed through the Office of Admissions, the Graduate Program Director will arrange for an interview, if appropriate, following a review of all candidate credentials.  

Progression/Retention/Graduation Requirements

For the School Principal Certification (PK-12), continued progress requires that the student maintain an overall “B” average (cumulative 3.00 GPA) in the required courses and satisfactory participation in the program. Completion of all degree requirements for the program is not to exceed five years. Exemption to this time limitation must be applied for in a written request to the Division Dean. Graduation from the program is contingent upon (1) submitting a signed Application for Graduation form to the Registrar on or before the date specified in the Academic Calendar; and (2) successful completion of all course work, including report(s) of action research, an effective, formal presentation of learning to a faculty committee, and an individual portfolio of developed resources and materials. The student must maintain an overall “B” average (cumulative 3.00 GPA) in all required courses, with no more than two grades of “C” level work. A six-credit, 365-day internship and successful completion of the state test are required for the principal certification.

Electives: 12 Credits

To fulfill the elective requirements, the student has the option to take the 4 courses required for a specific state-approved endorsement area.  The endorsement is added to their teacher certificate.  Otherwise, the student has the option to take any 4 courses from any of the endorsement areas; in this instance, no endorsement will be earned.

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