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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Dual Certification in Early Elementary (PK-4) and Special Education (PK-12), M.S. (Online)

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General Description

For the graduate student who is seeking to change careers and wants to become a licensed teacher in Pennsylvania. This certification will permit the graduate to teach Early Elementary (grades PK-4) and Special Education (PK-12). A student teaching component is required to earn the master’s degree.  Successful completion of state tests is required for certification.  The courses are online. The field experience and the student teaching occur within a PK-4 and Special Education (PK-12) setting. (45 credits)

Overview and Mission

Neumann University’s graduate program leading to the Master of Science in Education with Dual Teacher Certification (Early Elementary PK-4/Special Education PK-12) is consistent with, and driven by, the University’s Mission Statement. Students acquire the foundational and pedagogical skills to become a certified classroom teacher in both the PK-4 Early Elementary and PK-12 Special Education settings.  By learning about cutting-edge pedagogical theory and applying interpretations of that theory to teaching practices, graduate students become master teachers, i.e., educators who know and show others how to orchestrate assessment, diversity, technique, and technology within the context of contemporary education. The goal of this program degree is to instill the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes of master teachers in emerging professional educators.

Program Design and Outcomes

The Master of Science in Education with dual certification in Early Elementary (PK-4) and Special Education (PK-12) is focused on the preparation of professional teachers who are aware of learning styles and unique student characteristics and how to use that knowledge, along with current methods and teaching delivery systems to impact learning and development. The program prepares the teacher to sit for the state-required standardized examinations and become certified to practice in the profession. 

Successful teacher candidates who complete Neumann University’s Dual Certification Master of Science will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare lessons which incorporate expert knowledge of content and pedagogical strategies.


  • Establish and maintain a purposeful and equitable environment for learning in which students feel safe, valued, and respected, by instituting routines and setting clear expectations for student behavior.


  • Deliver quality instruction demonstrating thorough knowledge of content, pedagogy, and skill, engaging students in learning by using a variety of instructional strategies.


Admission Requirements

Applicants with a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited, degree-granting institution who have successfully completed all prerequisite courses are eligible for entrance to the Master of Science in Education with Teacher Certification Program, subject to the approval of the Program Director.  Acceptance is on a competitive basis after submission of all credentials and an interview with the Program Director.  All applicants must submit the following:

  • A completed Graduate Student Application, in accredited, degree granting institution attended.
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended.
  • Letter of intent which outlines why you wish to pursue the Master of Science in Education degree. 
  • Names and telephone numbers of two professional references.
  • Security clearances that meet current state-approved teaching requirements.

Once all admission materials have been received and processed through the Office of Admissions, the graduate Program Director will arrange for an interview following a review of all candidate credentials.

Nine graduate credits may be transferred into the program with the approval of the School Dean.


Progression/Retention/Graduation Requirements

For the Master of Science in Education with Teacher Certification (Early Elementary PK-4/Special Education PK-12), continued progress requires that the student maintain an overall “B” average (cumulative 3.00 GPA) in the required courses and satisfactory participation in the program. Completion of all degree requirements for the program is not to exceed five years. Exemption to this time limitation must be applied for in a written request to the School Dean. Graduation from the program is contingent upon (1) submitting a signed Application for Graduation form to the Registrar on or before the date specified in the Academic Calendar; and (2) successful completion of all course work, including field experience. The student must maintain an overall “B” average (cumulative 3.00 GPA) in all required courses, with no more than two grades of “C” level work or below.  If the student’s GPA falls below a 3.0, the student will be put on probation. The student will have one semester to bring his/her GPA up above a 3.0. If this does not occur, the student will be dismissed from the program.

A six-credit student teaching component, including the student teaching practicum and seminar, is required to earn the master’s degree.  Successful completion of specified tests is required for state certification.

Field Experience

Graduate Education majors participate in a clinical field experience sequence which is designed to help them connect theory to practice; enhance their observational, instructional, and analytical skills; and develop their professional ethos. Field experiences expose students to a variety of classroom settings with scaffolded involvement to include observation, one-on-one interaction, instructional aide responsibilities, designing and delivering lessons in small groups, and full class instruction.

Course content and assignments within this program are linked to field experiences. Students must obtain and submit with admissions material all security clearances that meet current state-approved teaching requirements. For current security clearance requirements, contact the Field Experience Coordinator.


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