Dec 09, 2022  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Full-Time Faculty


Jenelle Abnett
Assistant Professor, Education
BA. Canisius College
M.S. Syracuse University
M.A. Notre Dame of Maryland University
Ph.D. Notre Dame of Maryland University

Kristin Acosta
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
B.S. St. Joseph’s University
M.S. West Chester University

Robert Benefield
Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A., Louisiana Tech University
M.A., New Mexico State University
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Lisa Bjorkelo
Instructor, Nursing
B.S., University of Delaware
M.S.N., Neumann University

Amanda Bok Soon Breen
Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A. Ithaca College
M.P.H. Drexel University
M.A. Temple University
Ph.D. Temple University

Amy Brown
Associate Professor, Science
B.S., Lafayette College
Ph.D., University of Buffalo, State University of New York

Sarah Burke
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
B.S., Cabrini University
M.A., Bryn Maw College
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College

Janis Chakars
Associate Professor, Communication & Digital Media
B.A., Hunter College
M.A., Indiana University
Ph.D., Indiana University

Gail Shanley Corso
Coordinator of Writing
Professor, Communication and Media Arts and English
B.A., Brooklyn College
M.A., State University of New York, Albany
Ph.D., Bowling Green University

Maria Teresa de Gordon
Associate Professor, English and Spanish
B.A., University of Delaware
M.A., University of Delaware
Ed.D., Wilmington University

David DiMarco
Professor, Mathematics
B.S., Stevens Institute of Technology
M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology
M.S., Iona College
Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology

Thomas Dodds
Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems, Management
B.S., California State University Fullerton
M.B.A., Pennsylvania State University
D.B.A., Wilmington University

Kristen L. Evans
Assistant Professor
B.S.N., West Chester University
M.S.N., Widener University

Patricia Fallest-Strobl
Professor, Biology
B.S., DePaul University
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Tammy Feil
Professor, Education
B.M., Mansfield University
M.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ed.D., Wilmington College

Cynthia Ferraro
Associate Professor, Education
B.S., West Chester University
M.S.Ed., St. Joseph’s University
Ph.D., Touro University

Janet Fox-Moatz
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S.N., Ohio State University
M.S.N., Ohio State University

Joseph C. Glass
Assoicate Professor, Communication and Media Arts
B.S., Mount Saint Mary’s University
M. Div., Mount Saint Mary’s University
D. Min., Graduate Theological Foundation

Joseph Gosseaux
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
B.S., St. Joseph’s University
M.S., Pennsylvania State University

Brinda Govindaraju
Assistant Professor Biology
B.S., Coimbatore Medical College, India
M.S., Coimbatore Medical College, India
M.D. Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates

Jeffrey Graber
Assistant Professor, Accounting
B.B.A. Temple University
M.B.A. Widener University

Devon Ferguson
Director, Social Work
Assistant Professor of Social Work
B.A., Rosemont College
M.S.S., Bryn Mawr College
M.L.S.P., Bryn Mawr College

Janet Geddis
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S.N., Immaculata University
M.S. N., Neumann University

William J. Hamilton
Associate Professor, English
B.A., Lehigh University
M.A., University of Akron
Ph.D., University of Oregon

Nathan Hardy
Assistant Professor, Marketing
B.S., Hampton University
M.B.A., College of William and Mary
D.B.A., Wilmington University

Leanne Havis
Professor, Criminal Justice
Co-coordinator of Freshman Experience
B.A. University of Kansas
M.A. University of Wales, Bangor UK
Ph.D. University of Wales, Bangor UK
William Herron
Associate Professor, Chemistry
B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo

Glenn Holmstrom
Professor, Art
B.F.A., Columbus College of Art and Design
M.F.A., Ohio State University

Etsuko Hoshino-Browne
Associate Professor, Psychology
B.A. University of Waterloo
Ph.D. University of Waterloo

Kerry Hustwit
Assistant Professor, Communication & Digital Media
B.A., Chatham College
M.F.A., Ohio University

Yukiko Ishida
Associate Professor, Music
B.M., Kunitachi College of Music
M.M., Temple University
D.M.A., Combs College of Music

Bryce M. Johnson
Associate Professor, English and Humanities
B.A., College of William and Mary
Ph.D., Duke University

James Kain
Assistant Professor, English
B.A., West Chester State College
M.A., West Chester University

Geoffrey Karabin
Associate Professor, Philosophy
B.A., Loyola College
M.A., Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
M.A., Villanova University
Ph.D., Villanova University

Rina Keller
Director, Social Work Field Experience
Assistant Professor of Social Work
B.A., Rosemont College
M.P.A., Villanova University
M.S.S., Bryn Mawr College

Bong S. Kim
Associate Professor, Mathematics
B.S., Korea University
M.A., State University of New York
Ph.D., Temple University

Claudia Marie Kovach
Professor, English and French
B.A., Seton Hill University
M.A., Purdue University
Ph.D., Purdue University

John V. Kruse
Professor, Pastoral & Theological Studies
B.A., University of Dayton
M.A., University of Dayton
Ph.D., St. Louis University

Julie Lanzillo
Associate Professor, Sport & Entertainment
B.A. University of North Carolina
M.Ed. Temple University
Ed.D. Wilmington University

Christina LaVecchia
Assistant Professor, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
B.A., Moravian College
M.A., University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Andrea Ditrani Lobacz
Assistant Professor, Athletic Training
B.S., Marist College
M.S., A.T. Still University
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Elizabeth A. Loeper
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S.N., Villanova University
M.S.N., Villanova University

Amy Luckowki
Assistant Professor, Nursing
BSN, West Chester University
MSN, West Chester University
Ph.D., Widener University

Marina Espiritu Lutz
Instructor, Nursing
B.A., Pace University
B.S.N., University of San Diego
M.S., University of Pennsylvania




Janet Massey
Professor, Accounting and Business 
D.B.A., Wilmington University
M.B.A., St. Joseph’s University
B.S., St. Joseph’s University
C.P.A., State of Pennsylvania

Matthew Mastropaolo
Assistant Professor Biology
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univeristy
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Colleen McDonough
Professor, Psychology
B.A., University of California, San Diego
M.P.H., San Diego State University
M.S., Lehigh University
Ph.D., Lehigh University

Laura McLaughlin
Associate Professor, Education
B.A. Immaculata University
M.Ed. Cabrini College
Ed.D. Widener University

Robert McMonagle
Professor, Political Science
B.A., Temple University
M.A., University of Chicago
Ph.D., Temple University

Jason M. Mensinger
Instructor, Athletic Training
B.S., King’s College
M.Ed., Alvernia University

Caleb Mezzy
Industry Relations & Media Spec.
Instructor Sport Management
M.S., Neumann University
B.S., Temple University

Andrew Miller
Assistant Professor, History
B.A. Villanova University
M.A. Villanova University

A. Edward Milliner, Jr.
Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Theater
B.A., Western Maryland College
M.A., Villanova University

John Mizzoni
Professor, Philosophy
B.A., Providence College
M.A., Temple University
Ph.D., Temple University

Rebecca Mueller
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S.N., Villanova University
M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Villanova University

Fereshteh Oboudiat
Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A., Iran Girls College
M.S., Kansas State College of Pittsburgh, Kansas
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College

Jude Nnaemeka Okoyeh
Associate Professor, Biology/Clinical Laboratory Science
B.S., Winston-Salem State University
B.S., University of Ibadan
M.S., University of Ibadan
Ph.D., Bello University, Zaria

Annemarie O’Malley
Assistant Professor, American Sign Language and Spanish
B.S., West Chester University
M.Ed., Temple University

Jeanne Papa
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S., Neumann College
M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania
M.B.E., University of Pennsylvania

Philip R. Pegan
Associate Professor, Philosophy
B.S., Cornell University
Ph.D., Syracuse University

Gloria Pruitt
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S., Neumann University
B.S.N., Wilmington University
M.S.N., Wilmington University

Marisa A. Rauscher
Professor, Education
B.S., Shippensburg University of PA
M.Ed., Shippensburg University of PA
Ph.D., Temple University

Michelle Santana
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S., Neumann University
M.S.N., Drexel University
D.N.P., Grand Canyon University

Sr. Linda Marie Sariego, OSF
Associate Professor, Spanish
B.A., Chestnut Hill College
M.A., LaSalle University
M.A., The Catholic University of America
Ph.D., The Catholic University of America

Ryan Savitz
Professor, Mathematics
B.S., Ursinus College
M.S., Temple University
M.B.A., Drexel University
Ph.D., Touro International University

Richard Sayers
Coordinator, Honors Program
Professor, Music
B.A., LaSalle College
M.M., West Chester University
Ph.D., Catholic University of America

Megan Scranton
Associate Professor, Education
B.A. Bucknell University
M.S. Boston University
Ed.D. Widener University

Ardeshir Shahmaei
Professor, Business Administration
B.A., Tehran Business College
M.B.A., Seton Hall University
M.S., Temple University
Ph.D., Temple University

Kathleen Swanik
Professor, Athletic Training
B.S., Rutgers University
M.S., University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Robert Till
Professor, Management
B.B.A., Saint Bonaventure University
M.B.A., University of Notre Dame
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF
Associate Professor, Pastoral Studies
B.A. Swarthmore College
M.A., Washington Theological Union
Ph.D., Fordham University

Maria G. Traub
Associate Professor, French and Italian
B.A., Temple University
M.Ed., Temple University
M.A., Middlebury College [French School]
M.A., Middlebury College [Italian School]
D.M.L., Middlebury College

Christopher Thawley
Assistant Professor, Biology
B.S., Davidson College
M.S., University of Alabama
Ph.D., Penn State University

James Waters
Assistant Professor Computing and Information Management
B.A., Warwick University, UK
M.S., University of Hertfordshire, UK
M.S., Drexel University
Ph.D., Drexel University

Jo Lynette Watley
Instructor, Nursing
B.S. Neumann University
MSN, University of Delaware

Sandra Weiss
Program Director, Clinical Laboratory Science
Professor, Biology/Clinical Laboratory Science
B.S., Drexel University
M.A., West Chester University
Ed.D., Widener University

Hasan Yonten
Associate Professor, Political Science
B.A., Bogazici University
M.A., Bogazici University
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Mary Beth Yount
Program Director, Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling
Associate Professor, Pastoral Studies
B.A., University of St. Thomas
M.A., St. Mary’s University
Ph.D., Duquesne University

Ann Zahner
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S.N., West Chester State University
M.S.N., Villanova University

Patricia Zawislak
Assistant Professor, Nursing
B.S.N., Villanova University
M.S.N., University of Scranton