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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Undergraduate Tuition and Expenses

It is the student’s responsibility to understand and adhere to the following financial policies of Neumann University. Students who need assistance in meeting financial obligations to the University should contact the Financial Assistance Office and/or the Business Office in a timely manner to receive appropriate assistance. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the student to meet his/her financial responsibility to the University.

Tuition Schedule 2020-2021

(Fall Semester 2020 through Summer 2021)


  Tuition per semester (12 to 19 credits) $15,750.00
  Tuition per credit in excess of 19 credits $715.00
  General Fee (per semester) $400.00*
  * The General Fee is mandatory for full-time matriculated day students and contributes to library services, counseling and testing services, the athletic program and facilities, on-campus health services, student programs, and parking.  
  Student Government Association Fee (mandatory per semester for Full-Time matriculated Day students) $130.00
  Technology Fee (per semester) $200.00


  Tuition per credit $715.00*
  * A General Fee is not charged to part-time students; it is included in the tuition rate.  
  Technology Fee (3 to 11 credits) $100.00
  Maymester (per course) $799.00
  Wintermester (per course) $790.00


  Tuition per credit (regardless of the number of credits per semester) $680.00*
  Accelerated Degree Completion Program Online (regardless of numnber of credits per semester) $550.00

* A General Fee is not charged to ACE students; it is included in the tuition rate.

Residence Cost Schedule (per semester) 2020-2021

  Double Suites $4,300.00
  Single $5,250.00
  Apartments (Flynn Hall) $5,500.00
  Chiara Honors House $5,500.00
  Houses (all locations) $5,750.00
  Apartments (Buoni Building) $5.750.00

Block Meal Plan Schedule 2020-2021

Meal plans are mandatory each semester for: All Residents, All First Year Students, and All First-Year, Transfer Commuter Students.

  180 Meals, $285 in bonus points, 4 Guest passes, $50 Neumann Points $2,830.00
  150 Meals, $335 in bounus points, 4 Guest passes, $50 Neumann Points $2,830.00
   9 meals, $25 in bonus points, $25 Neumann Points $210.00
  * Bonus Meals with Neumann Points- 4 Bonus Meals for every $100 Neumann Points purchased  

Fee Schedule 2020-2021

Please note that all Fees are nonrefundable.


Students are responsible for all additional costs, which include books, transportation, practicum expenses, and other personal expenses.


Mandatory for all first-year, full-time (12 or more credits), incoming freshmen students are required to participate in the Text Book Purchase Program at Neumann University for the first two semesters. $450.00*



These fees cover the additional expense associated with the courses listed below.

  ATR 189 Level I Practicum     $210.00
  ATR 288 Level II Practicum 1     $210.00
  ATR 289 Level II Practicum 2     $210.00
  ATR 388 Level III Practicum 1     $210.00
  ATR 389 Level III Practicum 2     $210.00
  ATR 475 Professional Perparation     $380.00
  ATR 498 Internship In Athletic Training I     $340.00
  ATR 499 Internship In Athletic Training II     $340.00
  Student Teaching Application Fee/   $50.00
  PECT (ECE 304, ECE 308 and SPEC 301)   $50.00
  EDU 497 Practicum in Secondary Education     $340.00
  NUR 216 Health Assessment and Modalities Lab      $570.00
  NUR 305CL Adult Health I Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 306CL Adult Health II Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 330CL Mental Health Nursing Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 340CL Childbearing Family Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 405CL Adult Health III Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 430CL Nursing of Children and Families Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 440CL Community Health Nursing Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 499CL Nursing Synthesis Clinical Practicum     $570.00
  NUR 205, NUR 206 Examsoft Implementation Fee   $100.00
  ENG 094 Successful Writing , ENG 100 Reading in the Disciplines , MATH 092 Developmental Algebra     $180.00


  Per course* $50.00
  * Senior Citizens and/or Neumann Alumni Only - See Academic Regulations and Standards   section in this catalog for additional information. For all other students, costs for auditing courses are the same as the tuition cost per credit hour.






  Per Exam $50.00

The Challenge Examination fee must be paid in advance. Credits earned through Challenge Examinations are assessed at 33 1/3% of the current tuition rate; cost for credits earned must be paid within 30 days of billing.


Online Orientation Fee $75.00
NU Knight Prep Days Fee for first-year full-time students and transfer students $125.00


The Graduation Fee is charged to all degree candidates for graduation and must be paid as part of the graduation verification process. Revenues generated from this fee are applied to the institutional costs that are associated with Commencement and related activities $110.00


  Per Certificate $25.00


  Application Fee $100.00
  Assessor Fee, per Assessor $45.00
  Credits earned through portfolio are assessed at 33 1/3% of the current tuition rate; cost for credits earned must be paid within 30 days of billing.


This nonrefundable fee is required if a residential accommodation is requested and is applied to the Spring semester room charge. For currently enrolled students, accounts must be paid in full before the Residence Deposit Fee can be accepted by the Business Office $100.00


  Per Electronic Transcript Request $9.00
  Per Mail or Pick-Up In Person Request $15.00


This fee is required of all admitted undergraduate applicants to assure their place at the University. This amount is credited to the student’s first semester charges.

  Undergraduate First Year and Transfer $55.00
  ACE (Adult Continuing Education) $55.00
  For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Only  

Fines and Penalties 2020-2021


  Per card $20.00


  Per key $100.00


  Initial fine/per month $200.00

Students who do not pay their bills by the due dates which have been publicized by the University are assessed a $200.00 Late Payment Fine and will be charged an additional $200.00 per month for each month that the amount is past due. All account collection costs and/or all legal fees are the responsibility of the student. No student is permitted to register for the following semester if he or she has an outstanding balance. Final grades, transcripts, and/or degrees are not released until all outstanding balances are settled.

IMPORTANT NOTE for VETERAN BENEFITS: Students using Veteran Benefits will not be accessed any late fees. Student Registration will not be delayed for any students using education benefits through the VA.


  Per check $50.00

PARKING VIOLATIONS (depending on the violation)

  Per incident $10.00-100.00

Tuition and Fee Payment Methods

It is the student’s responsibility to pay all tuition and fees by the publicized due date. If the student’s bill does not arrive in the mail for any reason, the student is responsible for obtaining the invoice from the Business Office. The student is also responsible for satisfying any necessary adjustments to his/her account, due to course load adjustments after the initial billing statement has been received. If financial aid or a payment plan is to be used, arrangements must be made before the publicized due date; otherwise, late payment fines are assessed. The payment plans described below must be arranged with the Business Office prior to the publicized due date and require an agreement signed by the student. Only those students who are in good financial standing with the University are allowed to participate in these payment programs.

By mail: Payment by mail is encouraged. Students should write their student account number on their check, and mail it to: Bursar, Neumann University, One Neumann Drive, Aston, PA 19014-1298. Do not mail cash, and be sure that all payments are mailed in time to reach the University by the publicized due date. Checks should be made payable to Neumann University.

In person: Payment may be made in person at the Business Office during the University’s published business hours. After business hours, payments may be placed in the Tuition Drop Box, located next to the Business Office (Room 104).

Credit Cards and Debit Cards: With proper authorization, the University accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and debit cards.

E-Commerce: Credit card and check payments can be made online. If paying by this method, please access Neumann University’s web site at www.neumann.edu and, then, select WebAdvisor. After logging into WebAdvisor, select “Financial Information,” followed by “Make a Payment.”

In addition to financial aid, the following payment plans are available:

Neumann Tuition Deferral: This partial deferral allows the student to pay 4 equal payments at publicized due dates during the semester. Late payment fines apply to missed payments. A $40.00 fee is charged for the Tuition Deferral option.

Higher Education Services (HES): This 10-month payment plan starts June 1st and extends through March 1st. With this plan, students budget Fall and Spring semester expenses into 10 equal payments. Further information regarding this plan can be obtained from the Business Office. An annual fee, which can vary from year to year, is charged for this option.

Employer Reimbursement: Students who are reimbursed by an employer may be eligible to receive an extension for payment, provided that they have been enrolled at the University in the preceding semester. In addition to signing an Employer Reimbursement Agreement, a letter from the employer indicating that the student will receive this benefit must be submitted each semester. A $20.00 fee is charged for this option.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawing or dropping a course entitles the student to a refund or a credit according to the scale listed below. Fees are not refundable, except for those courses which have been canceled by the University.

The date initialed by the University Registrar or academic advisor (for evening/weekend students only) on either the Drop/Add Form or Withdrawal Form serves as the basis for computing any refund.

The percentage of tuition to be refunded to the student is as follows:

  Fall and Spring  
  For students withdrawing before the first day of classes 100% of tuition
  For students withdrawing during the first week 100%
  During the second week 80%
  During the third week 50%
  During the fourth week 20%
  After the fourth week 0%
  Room fees are not refundable. Board fees are refunded on a pro-rated basis.

Special Notes for Summer Classes

  The percentage of tuition to be refunded to the student is as follows:
  For students withdrawing during the first week 100%
  During the second week 80%
  After the second week 0%

The first scheduled meeting of a course constitutes the beginning of the refund period for that course. The refund period may change based upon the length or nature of the course. Refunds are determined by the Business Office only. Financial Aid is adjusted accordingly with regard to the number of credits which have been dropped. If a student withdraws or if a credit is incurred due to financial aid awards or overpayment, a refund can be expected through the mail in a timely manner. If a student feels that individual circumstances warrant an exception to this refund policy, a request for such consideration must be made in writing to the Business Office, Attention: Bursar, Neumann University, One Neumann Drive, Aston, PA 19014-1298.