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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Foreign Language Minor

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A minimum of 18 credits in one of the following foreign languages or 24 credits in two of the following foreign languages: American Sign Language [ASL], Chinese [CHIN], Farsi [FARSI], French [FR], Italian [IT], and Russian [RUS]. For more information specifically for the Spanish Minor click here.

Two-Foreign Language Minor: 24 Credits

For  two-foreign language minor, a student needs to complete the following sequence of courses in two foreign languages [15 credits in Foreign Language I and 9 credits in Foreign Language II], unless he or she begins at a level above 101+:

  • Language I 101 3 Credits
  • Language I 102 3 Credits
  • Language I 201 3 Credits
  • Language I 202 3 Credits
  • Language I 226 3 Credits **
  • Language I 326 3 Credits **
  • Language I 426 3 Credits **
  • Language II 101 3 Credits
  • Language II 102 3 Credits
  • Language II 201 3 Credits


+ If a student begins at a level higher than 101 in EITHER language, he or she must take more courses at the 226 or higher level in order to achieve the 24 credits needed for the minor. The student is required to successfully complete a minimum of 15 credits in Language I and 9 credits in Language II regardless of the level at which he or she begins language study.

** Special Topics Foreign Language courses at the 226, 326, or 426 level are offered on a semester basis. Course title(s) and content area(s) as well as any specified prerequisites are published during the preceding semester. Students must take these Special Topics Language courses each semester until the required number of credits for the minor is successfully completed. The prerequisite for any American Sign Language [ASL], Farsi [FARSI], French [FR], Italian [IT],  or Russian [RUS], Special Topics course at either the 226, 326, or 426 level is the completion of study at the “201” Intermediate Level.

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